Become a Retail Powerhouse
Building a strong Private Client Group requires a robust platform that provides Investment Advisors with modern tools to enhance interaction with Clients, Front Office staff and Back Office operations.

NIAD is the tool of choice for Investment Advisors.  NIAD is an intuitive application which takes Advisors only minutes to become proficient at using.  Enabling access to new issues has never been faster or easier. 

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IA Satisfaction

  • Better tools
    • Real time reporting and access to historical client transaction records
    • Immediate communication with visual identifiers to show deal status and availability to all key users
    • Manage and track order book management activities in real-time, including retrieval of client interest, allocations and ticketing
  • Easier and Faster
    • Faster processes that reduce redundant phone calls and emails
    • Less administration (i.e. no need to manage MS Excel)
  • Reduced errors
    • Single point of order entry
    • Manage straight-through processing of trade tickets to the back office (ADP, Dataphile, ISM)
  • Reduced missed opportunities
    • Reflections of Interest are immediately communicated to Syndication (i.e. no queuing)

Branch Satisfaction

  • Allocation engine that utilizes past performance algorithms
  • Full view of all Branch transactions down to the client level
  • Reduce time spent on manual or redundant tasks for Branch staff Investment Advisors & Sales Assistants (i.e. to account for interest and allocation)
  • Eliminate ticketing effort

National/Regional Sales Management

  • Historical performance reporting
  • Real time access to all deals with performance down to Investment Advisors and Client levels
  • Reduction in training required for new Investment Advisors on new issue processes
  • Reduced compliance risk of non compliant orders (i.e. Pro orders, ineligible jurisdictions etc.)
  • Record audit trails of all order activity to satisfy compliance and risk management

Retail Syndication and Equity Capital Markets

  • Cost savings achieved through a significant reduction in errors
  • Reduction in administrative burden to support Syndication tasks
  • Better control of deal information by Equity Capital Markets
  • Effective sales tool for Retail Syndication that disseminates information & product in real time
  • Accurate tracking of historical performance and sales volumes
  • Automates and simplifies reporting for compliance, P&L, capital requirements, and performance management purposes



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