Support Services

NIAD provides implementation, customization and support services to its clients. These services are part of our total approach to help each client fully integrate our application into their technical and business environment.

During implementation, NIAD will determine hardware and interface requirements and customize a plan to install, configure and verify the application for user acceptance testing. Working with your project, technology and business we ensure that our application operates successfully in your environment.

Train-the-trainer instruction is provided to ensure pivotal business users are comfortable with NIAD during the cut-over to production.

Once the application is implemented, NIAD transitions to support. We provide support during regular business hours for business and technical questions or issues. In general, an updated release is provided each year with specific fixes available as required to each client. Releases are provided in advance with a description of new features and installation instructions.

In addition to support, requests for customization of the application workflow, additional features or technical customizations are managed on a time and materials basis. We work directly with business to facilitate requirements gathering.

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